Pip package

To install the konduit pip package, you can run:

pip install konduit

To update the konduit package make sure to add the --force-reinstall command as it will make sure that the CLI commands (konduit-init and konduit) are updated correctly. If you have already installed konduit pip package for the first time, you can add the --no-deps flag to update the konduit package without reinstalling all the dependencies:

pip install --upgrade --force-reinstall --no-deps konduit

After installing the pip package, you can initialize the konduit CLI in the following way

Initializing the CLI

For git users

If you use git you can build the binaries by running


konduit-init --chip cpu


konduit-init --chip gpu

For non-git users

If you want to download the pre-build binaries, you can


konduit-init --chip cpu -d


konduit-init --chip gpu -d


After doing the above process, you can verify the installation by doing:

konduit --version

If everything went alright then you should see something like

Konduit serving version: 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
Commit hash: 3f9ac52f

What's next?

Try out how to work with the konduit CLI with an example workflow here.