CLI Commands

This is the full command reference documentation for the Konduit-Serving CLI. See local command for some common usage examples.

$ konduit [COMMAND] [OPTIONS] [arg...]




Command line interface for performing Konduit-Serving builds.

A helper command for creating boiler plate JSON/YAML for inference configuration.

Inspect the details of a particular Konduit server.


Lists the running Konduit servers. List all Konduit servers launched through the serve command. This command does not need any arguments to use with konduit CLI.

View the logs of a particular Konduit server.


Shows the running metrics for a particular server. Prints the calculate metrics for a particular server. Useful for getting a quick insight into the running server. For example, shows metrics of a server, named 'id_server',konduit metrics id_server.

Run inference on Konduit servers using given inputs.

Command to list, view, edit, create and delete Konduit-Serving run profiles.

A utility command to manage system installed and manually registered python binaries.

Start a Konduit server application.


Stop a running Konduit server. This command stops a Konduit server started with the serve command. The command requires the serving id as an argument. For example, stops a server named 'id_server',konduit stop id_server.


Displays Konduit-Serving version by printing the Konduit-Serving version used by the application along with other build details. For example: konduit --version.

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