Build Command

$ konduit build [-ad <value>] [-a <value>] [-c <value>]  [-dt <value>] [-d
       <value>] [-m <value>] [-o <value>] [-p <value>] [-s <value>]


Command Flags



Additional dependencies to include, in GAV(C) format: "group_id:artifact_id:version" / "group_id:artifact_id:version:classifier".


The target CPU architecture. Must be one of {x86, x86_avx2, x86_avx512, armhf, arm64, ppc64le}. Note that most modern desktops can be built with x86_avx2, which is the default.


Configuration for the deployment types specified via -dt/--deploymentType.

For example, "-c jar.outputdir=/some/dir" etc.

Configuration keys:

JAR deployment config keys: jar.outputdir,,jar.groupid, jar.artifactid, jar.version

ClassPathDeployment config keys: classpath.outputFile, classpath.type


The deployment types to use: JAR, DOCKER, EXE, WAR, RPM, DEB or TAR (case insensitive).


Compute device to be used. If not set: artifacts are build for CPU only. Valid values: CPU, CUDA_10.0, CUDA_10.1, CUDA_10.2 (case insensitive).


Names of the Konduit-Serving modules to include, as a comma-separated list of values. Note that this is not necessary when a pipeline is included (via -p/--pipeline), as the modules will be inferred automatically based on the pipeline contents.


Operating systems to build for. Valid values: {linux, windows, mac} (case insensitive). If not set, the current system OS will be used.


Path to a pipeline JSON file.


Type of server - HTTP or GRPC (case insensitive).

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