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Config Command

$ konduit config [-m] [-o <output-file>] -p <config> [-pr <value>] [-y]
Command Flags
If set, the output JSON will be printed in a single line, without indentations. (Ignored for YAML configuration output).
Optional: If set, the generated JSON/YAML will be saved here. Otherwise, it's printed on the console.
A comma-separated list of sequence/graph pipeline steps to create boilerplate configuration from.
For sequences, allowed values are: [crop_grid, crop_fixed_grid, dl4j, keras, draw_bounding_box, draw_fixed_grid, draw_grid, draw_segmentation, extract_bounding_box, camera_frame_capture, video_frame_capture, image_to_ndarray, logging, ssd_to_bounding_box, samediff, show_image, tensorflow, nd4jtensorflow, python, onnx, classifier_output].
For graphs, the list item should be in the format '<output>=<type>(<inputs>)' or '[outputs]=switch(<inputs>)' for switches. The pre-defined root input is named, 'input'. Examples are:
Pipeline step: 'a=tensorflow(input),b=dl4j(input)'
Merge Step: 'c=merge(a,b)'
Switch Step (int): '[d1,d2,d3]=switch(int,select,input)'
Switch Step (string): '[d1,d2,d3]=switch(string,select,x:1,y:2,z:3,input) '
Any Step: 'e=any(d1,d2,d3)'.
Protocol to use with the server. Allowed values are [http, grpc, mqtt].
Set if you want the output to be a YAML configuration.