SSDToBoundingBoxStep is a pipeline step that configures extraction of bounding boxes from a (Single-Shot Detector) SSD model output.




A list of class labels


true by default. If true, other data key and values from the previous step are kept and passed on to the next step as well.


Threadshold to the output of the SSD models for fetching bounding boxes for. Default threshold is 0.5.


An optional way to increase the size of the bounding boxes by some fraction. If specified, a value of 1.0 is equivalent to no scaling. A scale of 2.0 means the center is unchanged, but the width and height are now two times larger than it would be.


An optional way to control the output shape (aspect ratio) of the bounding boxes. Defined in terms of width or height. If specified, an aspect ratio of 1.0 gives a square output; an aspect ratio of 2.0 gives twice as wide as it is high. Note that for making the output the correct aspect ratio, one of the height or width will be increased; the other dimension will not change. The pre-aspect-ratio-corrected box will be contained fully within the output box.


Output key name where the bounding box will be contained in. The default name is bounding_box.

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